Does the G-Spot Orgasm Exist?


The search for the G-spot, and the controversy around its existence, has been going on for a while in the scientific community. One study claims to have located the physiological existence of the G-spot. It is getting quite a bit of hype but it is important to understand the implications of this research.


The Best Female Orgasm Is...


Too many women believe there is something sexually wrong with her because she isn't able to have an orgasm during intercourse. Or she can't have a G-spot orgasm. How did all of this "I'm not having the 'right' orgasm" craziness get started?



What Makes a Guy Sexy?


Guys who learn to be more in touch with their softer-kinder-gentler side and are experiencing the joys of being more open emotionally. Not surprisingly, this is leading to more fulfilling relationships and yes, even better sex.


17 Ways to Sweet Talk a Woman


How can you sexually seduce a woman? It is a scientific fact women are more language oriented than men. Words can create that auto-response in a woman that will usually lead a guy to candy land.


Bad Breath Stops Great Sex


Good sex is all about preparation and the little things that make a big difference. Yet in the world of sex etiquette, how do you tell someone they have bad breath? Plus tips on how to prevent halitosis.


Sexy Love Affair Checklist


Sometimes relationships needs a little attention and revitalization. Here is your goal checklist  that will give you grandiose rewards leaving you both happier and sexually satisfied.


Baby Making Sex


Here's a few helpful tips to help couples keeps their sexuality and sensuality intact while trying to conceive. Plus find out how to improve both egg and sperm quality to optimize your chances of conception.


Sex After Miscarriage


How men and women experience a miscarriage can profoundly affect the couple's ability to have good sex. Here's what you need to know so the two of you can become closer to start making a new baby.


Should You Have Sex With an Ex?


Sex with an ex: good idea to keep your sexual juices flowing during the transition time, or bad mistake that will keep you messed up for a longer period of time? Here's some things to keep in mind.


Top Ten Reasons for Friends with Benefits


Just because you are not in a relationship does not mean you are dead. And solo sex just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Here are the top ten ways friends with benefits provide convenient access to sex while not in a relationship.


Curious About the Swinging Lifestyle?


There are many theories on how, when and where swinging originated. Regardless whether you agree with an open lifestyle it certainly piques people's curiosity. Find out where it all started, as well get a sneak peak into a lifestyle swinging vacation resort.


What Makes You Feel Sexy?


Sex is more than an activity–it’s an idea. So how does your body know what feels sexy? Plus, find out the difference between sex drive and sexual desire?