Three Steps to Loving Your Body


It is one thing to say I want to love my body, and feel comfortable in my skin; it's another thing entirely to actually put that plan to execution. Find out how your body image can profoundly affect your will, want and desire for sex.


Does the G-Spot Orgasm Exist?


The search for the G-spot, and the controversy around its existence, has been going on for a while in the scientific community. One study claims to have located the physiological existence of the G-spot. It is getting quite a bit of hype but it is important to understand the implications of this research.


17 Ways to Sweet Talk a Woman


How can you sexually seduce a woman? It is a scientific fact women are more language oriented than men. Words can create that auto-response in a woman that will usually lead a guy to candy land.


What Women Really Mean Talking Sex


Here's what she means when she says, "I'm just not in the mood for sex", or "Stop, I'm just not going to orgasm this time." As well watch video about how to tell if she's faking orgasm.


Sexy Love Affair Checklist


Sometimes relationships needs a little attention and revitalization. Here is your goal checklist  that will give you grandiose rewards leaving you both happier and sexually satisfied.


Do Men and Women's Orgasms Feel Different?


Find out what are the differences in an orgasm experience for a guy and a gal. Plus, watch a demonstration of a full body orgasm using Tantric massage techniques.


Can a Woman Have an Orgasmic Birth?


Is it true that some women experience an orgasmic birth? Plus see how the medicalized birthing process makes it less enjoyable, even sensual, for too many pregnant women.


Should Young Kids Say Penis and Vagina?


As a parent, it's important to use appropriate body terms which include penis and vagina. Also find out the benefits of teaching children to thrive with early sexuality education.


How to Be a Great Kisser


As great kiss can be more intimate than intercourse. Problem is kissing dos and don’ts are very subjective--so here are ideas on how to make you a great kisser.


Protect Your Partner From Herpes


What do you recommend for protection in the case of confirmed genital herpes that is not on the penis (but in the groin area) and the female partner is negative. Plus find out how herpes is transmitted and the symptoms of this STI.


What Makes You Feel Sexy?


Sex is more than an activity–it’s an idea. So how does your body know what feels sexy? Plus, find out the difference between sex drive and sexual desire?


32 Things You Can Learn From Porn


Pornography is not meant to be sex education. It’s fiction. Period. That said, here’s relationship advice to help couple intimacy about what porn can teach us about sex. As well, what is the difference between male-porn and female-porn.