Three Ways to Get In the Mood For Sex


In order for women to get turned on and have intense orgasms, she needs to get into follow these three tips. Because if she is waiting passively for her partner to excite her...she might just wait forever.


How Body Image Affects Her Sex Life


Most women fret about some aspect of her body or her skills when it comes to sex. And it can profoundly affect her will, want and desire for sex. Here are useful tools on how NOT to let worry escalate into big fears and sexual inhibitions.



When Men Don't Sexually Respect Women


The "Penis Man" is guided by the radar in his boxer-shorts. Women are reduced to mere sexual objects for their pleasure and serve no other purpose but sex and, if not that, a fair share of lustful ogling.


Five Reasons Men Lose Interest in Sex


Many men suffer from low sexual desires. Here are the five biggest reasons why, along side ideas on how he can manage. As well, find out how low testosterone affects men as they age.


Eleven Ways to Keep Passion Alive


The couples who have the lust and passion continue pay attention to it. It is a priority. Here are eleven proven ideas that will help long term couples keep it passionate in the bedroom.


Sexual Fantasy and Role Play


Many couples feel their sex life is routine and they desperately want to find ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Here are seven steps to help you talk openly about sexual fantasies and role playing. Plus common sexual fantasies and role playing safety tips.


Parents Caught Having Sex


There are many reasons having passionate sex (or even just sex) can be difficult for parents: getting caught in the sex act is certainly a concern for many. Here are ways to reconnect sexually...even if the parents get caught having sex by their kids.


New Mom Wants Sex


I've been with my partner for three years and right from the start we had lots of fun and a very good sex life. We had a little boy five months ago and haven't had sex once. Last week he blurted that he sees me as a mom and respects me too much to have sex with me.


How Does Someone Fall in Love?


It turns out we don’t know that much about love. Find out Dr. Helen Fisher's theory on how mating and love evolved, plus what one study found out about men and women falling in love.


Will Being A Good Dancer Get You Laid?


This fascinating video shows the science behind dancing and how it has evolved to demonstrate to potential mates your genetic fitness. The key? To engage and embrace your animal instincts.


Four Tips For Sexting Pics


If you’re cruising the dating scene, eventually the make it or break it moment will come when you will be asked, “Why don’t you send me a pic?”. Here are four ideas to make sure you send the best sexy pics.


How Does Porn Influence Real Sex?


Nearly everyone in developed countries now has access to the internet, and as a result pornography is now only a few clicks away. How does watching all of this porn influence our sex lives? Are the effects of pornography shaping our sex lives in positive or negative ways?